Legacy Horse Training is proud to announce the arrival of two Mustangs courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management’s adoption held in Lorton, VA, as part of National Wild Horse and Burro Adoption day! Austin and Vegas both came from management areas in Nevada. Both are 3 year old mares. Up to now, they are loving life in their pen, becoming more and more comfortable with us. We are not entered in the mustang makeover, we just wanted to try our hand at training these beautiful animals.

We’d also like to welcome Buster, our new sonnen goat. Buster has already been on his first trail ride and learned a head down cue! He’s been here a month and already runs the place!

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  1. tom

    sounds like busters the man haha

    i have 4 brood mares and they all get along horribly. oyu know of any tips for getting horses to get along better?

  2. Saul Peterson

    Are you going to post more, because I have a problem with horses in the neighbouring field not getting along with mine, and I could do with some tips.

  3. donna lands

    We want to know how Lander is doing? We met him at Pohick auction in the fall.

    Thank you for the update.

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