Horse Training

The two best gifts you can ever give your horse are “Roots to Grow, and Wings to Fly”. Our exclusive training program is designed with every horse in mind regardless of age, breed or discipline. Whether your horse needs starting or “restarting”, ground manners, problem solving, polishing or conditioning, we can customize a training program that meets you and your horse’s individual needs. The best part about our training programs is that you pay for the job not the time! This way we can meet the individual needs of each horse and you know exactly what you are paying for. If we are unable to get the job done – you do not pay! This guarantee is what separates us from most training facilities. What do you have to lose? Also, we do not abandon you and your horse after training. Your horse qualifies for our “Legacy Friend’s” rate on continued training. Become an important part of Legacy’s family!

    “Roots” Program

Basic Training – This program is designed for the young horse needing a solid foundation or the older or troubled horse needing a clean slate; a fresh start. Basic training includes round penning, ground manners, trailer “self” loading, ground work, tacking, under saddle work in arena and on trails, basic directional and transitional control.
$1200.00 (includes board and 2 horsemanship sessions)

    Baby Step Program

Step I – Designed for the young ones! It’s never too early to give your baby a starter course focused on trust, respect, good manners and confidence. Great for yearlings and up! Designed to ease the starting process when your baby grows up enough to accept a rider. Attention to haltering, leading, grooming, vet and farrier behaviors, ground tying, de-spooking and trailer loading. Those old enough to be saddled will be taken through the tacking up process – everything from the “Roots” program minus the rider.
$750 (includes board and 1 horsemanship session)

Step II – Continuation of Step I. When your youngin’ is old enough to accept a rider they return to complete the program. Review of all Part I will be conducted while adding the rider. Introduction to the trail and arena along with transitional and directional cues will finish the process so you can begin your journey with your equine friend.
$750 (includes board and 1 horsemanship session) – evaluation conducted prior to acceptance into Step II


– Free evaluation on-site. Fees dependent upon recommended program.

    “Wings” Program

Finishing Part I – This program is designed for the conditioned horse with a focus on discipline specific development. We believe in allowing the horse to choose a job he enjoys as well as one he can physically excel in. During this training we will introduce your horse to various disciplines to include dressage, ranch versatility, hunter/jumper, trail work, driving, cattle work, gymkhana… to name a few. Cross-training is always best both physically and mentally for you and your equine friend. This is an excellent way to evaluate your horse’s abilities and determine the best path for both of you.
$1200 (includes board and 2 horsemanship sessions)
$800 (Legacy Friend’s Rate)

Finishing Part II – This program focuses on specific discipline development. Your horse will receive advanced training in the area of your choosing. This program promises to give your horse “Wings” to fly! in a job he loves! This program is designed as a continuation of our “Wings” Program – Part I and is only offered to Legacy’s Friends.
$800 (includes board and 2 horsemanship sessions)

    Conditioning Boot Camp

This is another program designed specifically for friends of Legacy. We welcome any veteran horse who has successfully graduated from any of our training programs. This class is offered throughout the winter months (November thru early March) and is designed as a refresher course as well as an exercise program to keep your equine partner happy and healthy through those cold winter months. Your horse will be ready to go by the time the warm weather hits!
$350/month (includes board)

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