About Unali’yi Farm

UnaliyiUnali’yi Farm, originally named “Indian Rock,” was first built in the mid-1880’s and consisted of 90 acres. The home was the residence for many years of the Crafton family, most recently consisting of four brothers who resided here together. The Crafton boys were very well known throughout the local region for their unique personalities. The farm, now 15 acres, was purchased in late 2005 by George Dykes and Jamie Dodson (then Dykes), and renamed Unali’yi Farm. The term Unali’yi is taken from the Cherokee language and means “Where Friends Gather,” which has become the living slogan of the farm as a whole. On any given evening, an assortment of family, friends, students, clients, former clients, horse folks, just folks, neighbors, and pets can be found enjoying the relaxed atmosphere on a front porch swing or in front of a bonfire. Country living at its finest is displayed both inside and outside the Dodson home. Current residents of the farm are Craig and Jamie Dodson, along with Grace Annette Dodson, who blessed them with her arrival on July 6, 2007 and their newest family member Katelyn Mae Dodson who arrived January 6, 2010!

What You’ll See

Generally, the day begins with being greeted by the dogs and cats who have been anxiously awaiting your arrival. Buster the Goat will run at first, but he’ll warm up eventually often joining in the training. If you hear a “moo” or two it is our latest addition to our “farm family” – Rudolph and Dasher the very friendly calves. As the day begins Jamie, Christina, Missy and Craig take turns preparing and training the day’s scheduled horses. We may find ourselves in the round pen, doing ground work, in the arena, or on a trail ride. On a typical day, we work 6 to 10 horses. Feel free to come observe training, just call so we know you’re coming. We’d hate to be on the trail when you arrive. We’ll introduce you to everyone, both 2-legged and four-legged.

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